JANE EYRE: “Rebecca Gadsby’s direction exhibits great clarity with excellent use of the small stage to depict such a vast tale.” **** 

Francesca Morrison, 27th July 2015
The Stage

 WUTHERING HEIGHTS: "...a rugged and fearless production...immersing us in a desperate melodrama " The Stage, 27th June 2014 **** 

Francesca Morrison, 27th June 2014
The Stage

 A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM: “This lively production is marked by clear delivery and well-choreographed physical antics. Director Rebecca Gadsby envisages the entire plot as a dream in which bizarre things happen and her physical comedy works well.” **** 

Kevin Berry, 2014
The Stage

 CRANFORD: "the characters matter, their schemes and hopes grip, their embarrassments are enjoyed. ****" 

Kevin Berry, August, 2011
The Stage

 COMMUNICATING DOORS: “Hilarious, inventive and brilliant rep at the Leatherhead Theatre this week – no spoilers – just go and see Ayckbourn at its best!” ***** 

Janice Windle
Essential Surrey, 3rd May 2018

 PRIDE & PREJUDICE: “The acting, direction and script were all pin sharp, and the cast received a standing ovation from the enraptured audience.” ***** 

Nick Le Mesurier, 4th May 2018
Leamington Courier

 TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS: The team managed to deliver a sugar-coated wrapping containing absurd humour, surprises, song and dance, sparkling repartee with the audience, and a heart-warming message. Can live theatre get any better than that? *****" 

Time Mottershead, Dec 18th 2011

 TWELFTH NIGHT "...the audience were whisked away into a fantasy world of music, trickery, mistaken identity and love...the physical comedy element was exaggerated to great effect." Birmingham Mail 18th July 2013 

18th July 2013
Birmingham Mail

 SENSE & SENSIBILITY: "...they didn't disappoint. a five-star show.*****" 

Hubert Murphey, July 27th 2011
Drogheda Independent